Territorial coverage

Yoga is widespread on all continents of the planet.

Number of followers

Millions of followers worldwide. Exact statistics are not available.

Year of Creation

The earliest mentions of Yoga date back to 1000-500 BCE.

Mass media about the teaching

The topic of yoga is extremely popular on information channels related to self-improvement, sports or self-care. 

Initially, the path of yogins was chosen by people seeking to comprehend all the subtleties of their own life path and go beyond the circle of rebirth. In fact, it is a tool for unlocking the potential of the soul and body. For in a healthy body there is a healthy spirit. The yoga system was not particularly popular outside India, attracting the attention of only European travellers or aristocrats who studied this system for their own quirks and amusement. 

The situation changed in the XX century, when Hatha yoga and its asanas (physical exercises) gained wide popularity as a training system for strengthening the body. Unfortunately, many modern followers forget about the spiritual component of the teaching. 

Imagine that a person consists of 3 main substances: a physical material body, a spirit or an astral body, as well as a soul itself. 

The spirit acts as an intermediate link that allows the body and soul to interact with each other. In this respect, the astral body requires no less training than the physical one. The ancient system of yoga is initially aimed at the development and release of the subtle human body, which is possible only with the harmonious interaction of all three components. This also includes the opening of the 7 chakras of a person, which are the keys to controlling a person’s spirit or their subtle body. There are 5 full-fledged yoga systems in total: Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga has gained the greatest popularity. 

The yoga system itself is universal and suitable for any person, taking into account their individual characteristics. At the same time, it is worth considering your interests and preferences. What are you looking for in yoga practices – a system of training and physical exercises? Then Hatha yoga is definitely suitable for you. A system of spiritual practices? In this case, pay attention to Raja yoga. 

Pit – principles of interaction with the external environment.

Niyama – principles of interaction with the internal environment.

Asana is the unification of mind and body through physical activity.

Pranayama is the control of prana (“vital energy”) through special breathing practices.

Pratyahara is the distraction of the senses from contact with their objects.

Dharana is a purposeful concentration of the mind.

Dhyana is meditation as an inner activity that gradually leads to samadhi.

Samadhi is a peaceful state of blissful awareness of one’s true nature.

Cobra Pose

This back asana promotes the gentle stretching of the spine and the development of its flexibility and mobility. In addition, the cobra pose helps to increase the volume of the chest, open the shoulders and lengthen the neck.

Locust pose

The locust pose is considered one of the best asanas for strengthening all back muscles. It can also be performed with outstretched arms, which makes the pose similar to the well-known exercise “boat”.

Table pose

This back asana strengthens the arms and abdominal muscles, helps to open the shoulder joints. The table pose is especially recommended for correcting posture and for back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Frog pose on the stomach

The frog pose on the stomach improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, opens the hip joints, strengthens the leg muscles and relieves pain during menstruation.

Shakyamuni Buddha who lived from 566 to 485 BC He is the prophet who created Buddhism as a religion. In his practices, he adhered to the ancient system of raja yoga, giving it a new color and meaning within the framework of his own teachings. 

Guru Padmasambhava. An ancient Indian sage and enlightened one who practiced the yoga system and meditation in hidden caves and cemeteries. 

Guru Tilopa and Naropa. It was they who created the modern system of knowledge of the Tibetan Kagyu school, which is popular to this day.

Porchon-Lynch. 96-year-old yoga instructor listed in the Guinness Book of Records. She has been practicing yoga for 70 years and does not recognize the power of age. Most recently, she released an instructional video and became a real Internet star.

Bernice Maria Bates. The oldest yoga instructor at the moment, she is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records. She started practicing yoga at the age of 40, today she continues yoga practices in a nursing home, teaching everyone who wishes to join the classes. 

As a rule, yoga does not fall into the number of scandalous publications covered by the world and local media. 


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