The term “religion” goes back to the Latin concept of “religio”, which roughly meant “conscientiousness” or “fidelity”. Over time, the concept has evolved to denote socio-forming practices, vivid examples of which are the main religions of the world, such as Christianity, Islam or Judaism.
Other examples of the meaning of this word in the history of religion can serve as a set of practices and beliefs characteristic of individual territories, but not always united by common concepts and principles, such as “the religion of ancient Rome” or a complex system of teachings and deities united under the concept of “Hinduism”.
In this section you will get acquainted with brief but succinct descriptions of the leading creeds, including some modern religions. Each article provides information about the history of the origin, the number of followers, the main deities and rituals. The essence of religion is revealed here, and many interesting details are given that will help you decide for yourself what religion is – faith, philosophy, culture, a unifying system of values, all this taken together, or something completely different.


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