The watershed between the teachings and the sciences, the mother of all sciences, philosophy, is a concept that comes from the Greek words love (phileo) and wisdom (sophia).

The world of philosophy is infinitely interesting and full of discoveries and new challenges. The power of logical reasoning is impressive – to look into the atomic structure of the world thousands of years before the invention of the nuclear microscope, to answer the question: “what is virtue?”, and to refute its existence, to finally understand what distinguishes a person from a plucked chicken – all these are pages of the philosophical dialogue of humanity with itself.

Philosophy as a phenomenon and science has already endowed humanity beyond measure, and this tree of thought continues to bear fruit.

You can understand what philosophy is, see the stages of the worldview development and even make your contribution on the pages of this section, in which many areas of philosophy are briefly but succinctly described, its prominent representatives are indicated and the main philosophical works are listed.

What is the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything? What is the right question? In the words of which language are we supposed to ask the “right question”? Why do we need an answer, and is there an answer to be found? How do we know that the question and answer are correct when we do find them? Is there, after all, someone who needs an answer? All this and more you shall find on the pages of the “Philosophy” section.


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