Why do we need magic in the age of computers and machines? What’s in all the mystical interpretations and connection with the supernatural world, when your power over knowledge and the ability to deceive distances and time could put all the faculties of Hogwarts to shame at once?

Perhaps right now, when our intellectual gaze covers the whole world of the natural, we need something “super” more than ever before.

Having seen the past all the way to twelve billion years ago, we want to take a peek into the future more than ever. Having flown to the kingdom of Faraway in seven hours without transfers, we just need to know how to be both there and here at the same time. Hearing that God has died, we want to personally prosecute the demons for it in all strictness.

Quite possibly, it is magic that is able to give us a way out of structured reality. The essence of magic these days is to show us new horizons when we reach the limit of the knowable.

This section describes the main types of magic, the history of magical practices of different world cultures, and the enchanting power of amulets and symbols. Hermeticism, Kabbalah and demonology, alchemy and witchcraft, goetia and theurgy – all this is at your service thanks to the pages of the Magic section.

Wingardium leviosa – welcome to the flight of magical thought!


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