This section is devoted to the spiritual teachings of the world that do not fall under the definition of religions or philosophical trends for a number of reasons.
For many seekers of answers to eternal questions, spirituality is a search for a path, deep understanding, new and hidden knowledge, schools of thought and traditions that respond to a personal inner call. We are often interested and fascinated by spiritual teachings that reflect cultures close to us for reasons of kinship or geography. Sometimes, the novelty itself beckons and is of main interest.
Who can confidently assert that one belief system is closer to the truth than the rest, that among all kinds of spiritual teachings and philosophies, some are “more right” than others? For every seeker, it is all about the search for the answers, faith and respect for the cultural origins.
The age of unprecedented freedom of knowledge opens the doors to all conceivable schools of thought, all kinds of spiritual teachings are at your fingertips, and whatever path you choose, you will not have to walk it alone.
Behind this door, you will learn about the oldest spiritual practices, get acquainted with the earliest cultural achievements of mankind and their modern interpretations. Welcome to the world of occultism and esotericism, here are the origins of everything that mankind knows about the spiritual world today.


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