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Approximately II millennium BCE.

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Materials from the book “Nauz knots” by Olga Boyanova were used in the creation of this article.

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There is an opinion that the nauz practices were handed over to people by Slavic gods, among whom were Svarog, Lada, Makosh and Veles (A fairy tale about how useful the nauz  spells were to people. “Nauz knots” Olga Boyanova).

For centuries, the tying and use of nauz knots has been considered a manifestation of one of the simplest ways of magic. Such knots were usually tied by magi and commoners, and then used as amulets or talismans that protect the owner from harmful spells and bad luck.

Nauz knots in the simplest magic were ubiquitous. Usually these are knots tied from cords of a certain color. Nauz knots were used as a talisman for the treatment of various ailments, spoilage, alcohol abuse issues, etc. The art of tying knots was called Nauz, and the person who owned the secrets of mastery was called a nauznik. 

Beliefs about nauz knots are widespread among sailors. Each sailing boat has a special bundle of ropes that are tied with special knots, untying which the sailor can control the winds. 

It is worth noting that in the 21st century, many people unknowingly wear nauz knots. Most often it is a knotted thread or rope that young people wear on their wrists in the form of bracelets. This kind of a thing has been considered one of the popular amulets since ancient times. Neck ties, shoelaces, etc. are also such knots. 

The term Nauz means a knot. 

Nauz is a powerful type of sorcery. Many families knew how to tie a magic knot for happiness, tie one for a long journey, one to a man going to war. People used nauz knots to relieve diseases.

Taking up the skill of tying nauz knots, you come in touch with the times when our ancestors considered themselves one with nature, relatives to the Gods. Embedded in this sorcery is the essence of the connection between man and God’s world. Although, whatever one calls the God’s world – “Akasha Chronicles”, “Collective Unconscious”, “Immaterial super-system”, everything will be true if you recognize the triumph of Spirit over Matter. The supremacy of the Idea over the Flesh.

Call this space, in which the past, present and future are mixed up – the Prophetic field; the rulers who embody the rules by which we live – Native Gods, and the bearer of thought – a Person who communicates his aspiration to nether worlds and Native Gods.

A knot made on a string in our explicit world has a completely understandable shape, color, thickness, texture. Well, in the subtle, sacred world it is the strongest way in itself. The goddess of fate – Makosh, the Great Spinner, spins the multicoloured threads of our life.

This Image of the Thread as a string of events, causes, consequences, fate, movement from beginning to end is passed down by our people from generation to generation.

Еhe bidding will be fulfilled if three conditions are met:

– a person is clearly aware of what he wants;

– the ceremony is done correctly;

– the aspiration is tied in a knot, will not harm another and does not contradict God’s law regarding the petitioner.

When tying a knot, the acquired power is locked in a magical cocoon. There, the force of change is stored, but not tightly sealed, and flowing from the knot. Nauz knot must protect – the force turns into a protective cocoon. Nauz knot should make the owner attractive – the power begins to flow to the interlocutors. Therefore, a tied knot should be worn for some time either on oneself or with, because this is a concentrate of helping power.

If after tying we are transferred to one of the elements – earth, water,. air or fire, then the force dissolves into the elements and spreads the spell widely around the world. (“Nauz knots” Olga Boyanova)

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About knot magic – Славянские наузы (  ((Slavic magic knots))

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There are knot-spells for different situations: relationships, health, success in business, personal protection, fulfilment of desires.

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