Year of creation

The second half of the XX century.

Mass media about the teaching

In the media, the subject of neiromagia is evaluated ambiguously. Some critics view it as fiction, while others see it as a set of effective techniques and practices for changing the material world and achieving their goals.

Neuro-magic involves the use of internal forces and knowledge of a person. As a rule, practitioners of neiromagia do not use forces from the outside, relying on the energy of their own body. The energy of the patrons (angels and demons) can be much stronger than your own, but at the same time, you will not have to pay for their help. 

Territorial coverage

European countries, the USA, the post-Soviet space. 

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Neuromagy is based on the use of a person’s inner potential, and the key to its realization is scientific knowledge. What is meant is the understanding of the physical and biological laws of the surrounding world and their use to achieve their goals. 

In fact, we see here a reference to the unique principle of Hermes Trismegistus: what’s at the top is at the bottom.

Magic is a purposeful change of the surrounding world using the mental forces and will of a person. At the same time, keys are used to implement the plan, allowing you to enter into resonance with the surrounding reality. An example of this is rituals that allow you to use the power of both the outside world and the energies beyond it. In contrast to this, neuromagic operates by a slightly different scenario.

There are many keys within people themselves to control the surrounding reality, as the teachings of antiquity claim. However, the world is changing, and we can use the benefits of modern society to further develop our knowledge. 

Imagine your brain as a complex neural system that solves thousands of tasks in a blink of an eye. The brain is a tool for your soul, it allows you to process and analyze the world around you, helping you and your soul to make the necessary decisions, or to show their will, including in the magical plan.

Neuroscience allows us to understand how the brain and our consciousness are arranged, to study the behavior model and the main characteristics of a personality. We can create a magical action by visualizing it in our head and following through the mechanism of action in our mind, which should give the desired result in the material world. This, in fact, is the essence of neuromagia. 

First of all, you practice with the aim of cleansing your body and mind. The main goal is to achieve their harmonious interaction thus acquiring an effective tool for changing the material world. 

As a basis, you can use yoga exercises, gymnastics and even fitness. The main objective is to speed up your body and get rid of excess substances within it that poison your mental (astral) body.

The next stage is the choice of the field of scientific knowledge (biology, physics, chemistry, psychology), which depends on one’s personal preferences. 

Let’s analyze an example with biology, in particular the topic of healing and druidism. The energy of your body as a consequence of the work of neurons has its own pronounced charge. If, when healing a person with the help of your subtle immaterial body and magical effort, you know how the body works and what is the balance of substances necessary for the full functioning of the human body, it will be easier for you to direct energy to their healing. 

You will create bridges and activate keys that allow you to fix actions on another person and, for example, rebuild their immune system to restore the body. 

If you are a professional doctor or have sufficient knowledge about the biophysical processes occurring in the human body, you will be able to strengthen your psycho-vital energy. The practice here is enhanced by the mental capabilities of the individual.

Let’s analyze another example, namely, the theme of druids.

A forest is an integral ecosystem that exists according to its own laws and rules. All of it is saturated with energy lines and connections invisible to the human eye. Scientific knowledge about the structure and interaction of living beings will help to visualize the structure and appearance of these lines in our consciousness. Combine the acquired scientific knowledge and the visualization structure to come up with and create the method you need to complete the chosen practice. 

According to physicists, the human body has a biofield (subtle energy fields generated by the organism). This energy forms an astral projection, through which most of the magical practices are realized. 

Within the framework of esoteric teachings, it is considered that immaterial entities (spirits, angels and demons) exist on a different frequency of the energy field. Therefore, they are invisible to the human eye, but they may be detected by consciousness. Occult techniques and practices for the development of the third all-seeing eye are based on this understanding. In our changing world, knowledge of the laws of physics makes it possible to expand and modernize mental practices.


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