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The concept of “Human design” was formulated by Alan Robert Krakower in 1987


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Robert Alan Krakower or Ra Uru Hu claimed to have created a “Human Design” guided by a mystical experience. At that time, he was working as a physics teacher on the island of Ibiza. One day Alan has an episode of mystical experience, during which, according to him, he met with higher mind and received from him the basics of the theory of the “design system”.

After that, Alan Robert Krakower ceased to exist, and instead a character with a complex mystical name Ra Uru Hu was born.

The doctrine of “Human Design” aims to give an individual a deeper understanding of his nature and the ability to make decisions in accordance with their inner aspirations and predispositions, without relying on outside opinions.

According to the author, all people are divided into four types according to how they interact with the world.


  1. Generators. According to the theory, 70% of the population belongs to this category. These are active and curious people who seek to uncover secrets of their inner and outer universes. Their disadvantage is being hasty and thirsty for activity, which is why Generators often fail.
  2. Projectors. They make up 20% of the population. They reveal their talents only if someone supports them. The task of projectors is to find such a supportive person. Therefore, they should be able to listen and watch others closely.
  3. Manifestors. 9% of the population. Independent, do not like control, but should be prepared for the fact that others will not accept them.
  4. Reflectors. 1% of the population. Under appropriate conditions, they can perform any of the other three roles.


To determine belonging to a particular typology, a so-called “bodygraph” is compiled. The type of person is determined by calculations based on the exact date of birth, including time and place. The result of these calculations is a graphical representation combining a number of elements, presumably summarizing information about “energy characteristics”.


The goal of Human Design is to create a self-help method, without a religious component. “Human design” is often called “new astrology”.

Alan Robert Krakower (1948-2011) was born on April 9, 1948 in the Canadian city of Montreal. He graduated from university and worked as a physics teacher for most of his life. In 1983, Alan left his usual life and went to the Spanish island of Ibiza, where he led a hermit life for several years. There he adopted a new name – Ra Uru Hu and began to preach a new method of self-discovery.

In 1990, Ra came to America, where he conducted seminars and trained the first analysts of the Human Design knowledge system until 1995. During these five years, the teaching has gained popularity and he was invited to give lectures and seminars in Germany, Great Britain, Austria and other European countries.

Despite the fact that the basics of Human Design are not confirmed by modern science, Ra Uru Hu has managed to help many people to better understand themselves and their mission in life, solve their internal problems and find spiritual harmony. According to Ra Uru Hu, Human Design is at least 150 years ahead of the modern level of scientific knowledge.

Ra Uru Hu died on March 12, 2011, at 05:40 am, on the island of Ibiza.

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According to experts, the value of a Human Design has nothing to do with its truthfulness: it is psychologically important for people to gain any kind of confidence in their strengths and understanding of their weaknesses, and this contributes to further self-knowledge. This finds a response in the comments of the creator himself: “You don’t need to believe in Design,” Ra Uru Hu urged in plain text, “it’s worth checking how it works yourself.”


The section is open for editing.

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