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Tantra originated on the basis of primary archaic religious cults, the origins of the teaching lie in the innate ability of a person to perceive the world figuratively, intuitively feel it. Then, on the basis of direct, indirect, symbolic information, create for yourself a spiritual picture of the universe, a world that is filled with visible and hidden life.


In the tantras, the essence of higher Knowledge is hidden in a special system of signs, sacred symbols, sound formulas and vibrations, visual images. This knowledge is transmitted in sacred texts allegorically, in a secret language understood only by initiates. Trying to clarify the true meaning of the yogic scriptures, it is necessary to delve into the innermost meaning of esoteric symbols and signs. The mind of a modern person practicing yoga is too “scientific and logical”, therefore it is not able to go beyond the boundaries of standard thinking. For such a “practitioner”, with his pragmatic mind, ancient symbolism seems outdated and meaningless, and therefore it is impossible for him to understand tantric metaphors.


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Tantra has many faces, historically it has contained both very ancient primitive cults, similar to shamanism, and perfect teachings of the highest spiritual level. In this tradition, there are a lot of applied systems whose methodologies are aimed at specific, exclusively practical non-spiritual results. These are various kinds of magical knowledge for better adaptation in the world, control of the elements of nature and living beings, spirits, rituals for gaining benefits, control, power and influence. But such “magical techniques” do not give real spiritual growth and maturity of merits, on the contrary, they lead to the accumulation of negative karmic reactions and future suffering. It is important to clearly distinguish magical ritualism from the innermost spiritual practices of Tantra. The true value for a spiritual adept is only those tantric methods that lead a person to merge with the Absolute (Shiva, Shakti, etc.).

Unlike Yoga, where the practice is aimed at full control of the body, energy and mind, mainly due to submission and detachment, Tantra uses these aspects of a person for modification, spiritual transformation of negative qualities into positive ones. Some people have sufficient strength and determination to overcome any obstacles, someone is overwhelmed by passions and desires, experiences strong attachments, anger, etc., for such individuals it is sometimes difficult to practice the “path of withdrawal from society”, self-isolation, detachment and monasticism.

On the contrary, by applying special Tantra methods against one’s limitations and passions, the goal of spiritual realization is achieved much faster. There are people who by nature have a special subtle, imaginative perception of the world, they feel deep processes in the energy of the body, see energy flows in living beings, and therefore it would be right for such individuals to develop these abilities to a perfect level and, with their help, comprehend the nature of the soul.

The tantric path leads a person to the source of spiritual consciousness through penetration into the hidden laws of energy and the psyche.

This system of spiritual improvement is an extremely powerful tool that can lead to the achievement of results in one lifetime. The path to the “heart of Reality”, in the Teaching of Tantra, passes through the management of life flows, energy centers, methods of controlling the energy of the body and mind. These means serve a single purpose – spiritual transformation (transfiguration). 

The transformation of negativity into positive qualities is the true essence of Tantra. 

Any psychological limitation, passion or addiction can be transformed for the benefit of yourself and others, if you understand how to do it and apply the necessary methods.

Through spiritual work, the adept changes his perception of the world and his usual view of the world is transformed into a completely new, spiritual view of the environment. This is similar to how a person, being restless and irritated, reacts to the environment with aggression, but when he comes to balance, he evaluates the world as it is. Or if there is even more stress with such a person, which he is unable to overcome. In such a situation, a person ceases to see the disturbing factors as a problem, but looks for protection in the environment.

The Tantra method is like pulling out a splinter in the leg with another splinter, overcoming negativity and entanglement with the help of similar energies, transforming the power of passion with the help of passion energy. This approach significantly distinguishes the methodology of Tantra from the practice of Yoga, although both of these teachings are intertwined and complement each other, they are united by a deep understanding of the laws of energy and the psyche in man.

The path of effort and transformation. This path is much faster, because a strong intention and special practices can help to clear the mind, transform all negative aspects into pure ones and quickly realize your true nature. And maybe for one lifetime.

This direction has given rise to a great many practices. And including tantric sex, which the Western world is so interested in. Almost all the practices that we know (breathing, sound, body, pair, mantras, yantra, visualization, concentration, meditation, etc.) — all originate from tantric teachings. And I must say that modern psychology has also taken 50% of all methods (and maybe more) from tantra and yoga.

Tantric practices generally include all practices that work with energy, help to release suppressed feelings and transform them, learn to manage your emotions, instincts, and all methods of concentration and meditation that work with the mind. Tantra works with all possible “tense” topics for human society, such as sex, death, all kinds of pleasure, suffering… And sexual practices or near—sexual ones are only 1% of everything that tantra gives! Therefore, the importance that the West attaches to them is too far-fetched. 

Tantra works even with near-death and post-death states. For example, the Tibetan Book of the dead or the Bardo of death. 

The task of tantra is to accept all aspects of life (including death) and begin to see the Divine in them, and, on the other hand, to stop depending on them, to completely abandon all this, realizing them as an illusory play of energies. 

Alan Robert Krakower (1948-2011) was born on April 9, 1948 in the Canadian city of Montreal. He graduated from university and worked as a physics teacher for most of his life. In 1983, Alan left his usual life and went to the Spanish island of Ibiza, where he led a hermit life for several years. There he adopted a new name – Ra Uru Hu and began to preach a new method of self-discovery.

In 1990, Ra came to America, where he conducted seminars and trained the first analysts of the Human Design knowledge system until 1995. During these five years, the teaching has gained popularity and he was invited to give lectures and seminars in Germany, Great Britain, Austria and other European countries.

Despite the fact that the basics of Human Design are not confirmed by modern science, Ra Uru Hu has managed to help many people to better understand themselves and their mission in life, solve their internal problems and find spiritual harmony. According to Ra Uru Hu, Human Design is at least 150 years ahead of the modern level of scientific knowledge.

Ra Uru Hu died on March 12, 2011, at 05:40 am, on the island of Ibiza.

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The Dangers of Practicing Tantra

Without contact with a tantric teacher (guru), Tantra practice can be dangerous. The mentor, having personal experience and deep knowledge of the tradition, will direct the student’s efforts in the right direction. The tantric system uses powerful energies to achieve altered states of consciousness, awakens internal forces to make a spiritual breakthrough to higher states of mind, and uses rather harsh radical means to go beyond the false ideas of the adept. Therefore, such effective, but “extreme” methods can be quite dangerous for immature souls, inexperienced practitioners who do not have sufficient wisdom and knowledge, and do not rely on the authoritative guidance of a tantric mentor. The use of intense sensory experiences in Tantra can become an insidious trap for people who have not cleared their minds, do not have a strong will and spiritual intention.

Mistakes on the Path of Tantra Practice

Mistakes on the path of Tantra practice can cost careless followers dearly and lead to completely unpredictable results. The exposure of the subconscious plane – the sphere of the unconscious, the area where the instinctive programs of the psyche manifest themselves, without the right method, can lead to serious mental injuries and new forms of mental confusion. A tantrist, during practice, activates the deep layers of the psyche, as if “shaking a vessel with poison” in order to throw this poison out and purify his mind and heart. But wrong actions and the wrong method can negate his spiritual efforts and cause stronger dependencies on his own fixations and obscurations.

The path of Tantra is like moving along the edge of a razor blade, it is the subtlest and sharpest method of intensive breakthrough to the heart of Reality, an effective way to achieve Liberation in one lifetime.

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