I’ve been a “why-girl” ever since I was a little kid. Mom still remembers me asking the question “Where was I before I was born?” Mom found this question of mine quite amusing.

This wasn’t my only enquiry. While growing up, I asked more and more questions.

Do I really need to know how the world works?
How to live a life so as not to cause suffering to others or to yourself?
How to interact harmoniously with all living things in order not to upset the balance?

I was in search of my balance.

In the process of chasing the answers, I immersed myself in traditional Orthodoxy and the teachings of Old Believers, I researched Kabbalah and shamanism, Kundalini yoga and the Tarot, astrology, neuromagic, human design, numerology, bazi, feng shui. The list goes on.

I put religion and numerology, Kundalini yoga and bazi on a par, because they all bring us knowledge and a better understanding of ourselves and our place in this world.

I started my research back in 1992, collecting knowledge bit by bit, bumping into new information, buying books by accident, getting to know new people.


We live in great times, a lot of knowledge is readily available and everyone has the right to freely choose what to believe in.

I am happy to be involved in a project that will help people navigate

through the diversity of beliefs and create a personal formula of faith, as well as join a community of like-minded people, or create one of their own.

Best of luck! 

Evgenia Scherbakova-Koroleva

More than 15 years of experience in the field of creative work.

Managing offline and online projects

• Strategist and implementer

Exponential coach

Creaaging offline and online projects

Among the implemented projects:

Private museum of money muzeydeneg.ru

Training course “Technology for launching and implementing social, creative and design projects” with Elena Laschenko (CEO of the festival aggregator Art Center art-center.ru )

Launch of Ekaterina Melnikova Open Corporate University Open Education Management Practices